Drone photography has grown so much in the last couple of years, and I have finally joined the drone flying masses. It allows me to take my camera almost anywhere and shoot common subjects from a new perspective. As I work predominately as a wine industry photographer, I can not get an image of an entire estate in one image. It shows scale so much better than I could previously with my handheld camera. However there is so much more that can be done, we are only limited by our creativity. Vintage 2021 will be my first vintage with a front at my disposal and I’m excited about the prospect.

As drones are now becoming the norm and I expect photographers will have them I don’t charge extra for drone photography. I will come out to your winery, fly the drone and then shoot hand held for closer more personal images. I can document the activity on the vineyard in much better detail than I

Expect dramatic sunrise images with pickers, tractors and bins full of fruit. Anyway we are only a couple weeks off the big mass Chardonnay picks in the Margaret River region, so you will have to just use your imagination until then.

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