Creating a Wedding Website


Matt and Steph are a bubbly young professional couple who recently got engaged. After taking some time to make some basic decisions about their wedding, Matt and Steph decided upon a larger wedding with a diverse range of guests from many countries across the world. They wish to communicate with their guests via a personal wedding website, a fun, creative way to engage their guests whatever corner of the globe they may be coming from. It is also a great way to communicate to a larger audience and to ensure important information is available to all their guests as well as getting friends and family excited about the event.

Matt and Steph decided to hire me as their photographer to get some professional photos to use in their wedding website and, of course, to mark their engagement. The images will help make their website engaging and encourage guests to explore the information on the upcoming nuptials.

After some discussion about locations, Matt and Steph decided they would like the shoot to take place at Hyde Park in North Perth. I went a couple of days before the shoot to scout the park. Ensuring that I had a good idea how to best reflect the couple’s personality whilst doing this beautiful location justice. It is a picturesque, well landscaped and maintained park, full of mature, shady trees. Straight away I was drawn to the 100 plus year old Morten Bay fig trees that are scattered on the hills surrounding the two central lakes. They have so much character, twisting roots that raise up out of the ground making them look strong and ancient, while also providing places to sit, climb and play. There is ivy growing in the shade pools cast by the huge trees, which soften the feel and provides even more textures and shades of green to the location. I knew it would be a great location to shoot Matt and Steph. There were park benches overlooking the lakes, with swans, ducks and an abundance of other birdlife. Nice paths lined with these magnificent trees, old ornate light poles and gazebos creating a photographer’s dream location.

After scouting the location, I excitedly called Matt and Steph to share my enthusiasm and to share the images the location had created in my mind. We discussed props and Steph came up with the idea of bringing their family dog “Rupert” which I loved and we decided that would be all the props we would need.

It took about a month to set a date that worked as they are both young professionals and have a healthy social life. We finally settled for a time a little further from sunrise and sunset than I would have preferred for optimal lighting conditions but I knew they really wanted to get the photos done so they could start creating their website. It was a great day for photography as it turned out, with a decent amount of cloud diffusing and softening the mid-morning sun.

We shot a range of locations, Matt and Steph really relaxed into the shoot. I got to learn so much more about them through the shoot that I didn’t already know, even though we have been friends for a few years. It was an awesome experience for me and I got some great photos that captured a lot of natural love and affection that really reflected how they are as a couple. I really respect their openness and I think the photos are beautiful.

If you like the photos and are interested in capturing similar images to mark an engagement, anniversary or just want some fun, romantic pictures of you and your partner, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.


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