7 Reasons why you should have a family portrait taken

I hear it all the time and if you have a family, most likely you have said it “Look at the kids wow, they’re getting so big. Where has the time gone?” Time passes by so quickly and people are constantly changing. Capturing your family regularly with high quality images, should be fun and something we do regularly since we share so many amazing memories with our family group. Unfortunately, life is busy and many families don’t do this and end up saying “We should have had more family portraits taken before they moved out.” If this resonates with you don’t put it off and forget about it, the fact that you think this is true and might be you in the future is enough reason to book a family portrait session and capture this chapter in your family’s history. Anyway, here are seven great reasons to do it today.

1. You will record life’s most precious moments.

Families are never the same; they’re always growing and changing. This is one of the reasons why I truly love being a photographer. With many of my clients, I get the privilege of seeing them grow as a family by taking their portraits every year. Don’t take your family’s current stage for granted, as it only takes a few months for your family to change and grow.

2. Give the gift of smiles and good memories.

Nothing can be a more personal and sincere gift than a family portrait. And what better way to convey the joy of the entire family but with professionally done family portrait? Your grandparents will surely appreciate your natural smiles and memories of your warm and candid moments more than a blurry smartphone shot of your family. Your grand kids will also always have the piece of history of who you all are today.

3. Personalise your home and office with family portraits.

Are your walls looking a little drab? Give your house a pick me up by displaying your family’s portrait on your wall. More so, make your keepsakes last by having a professional photographer produce your portrait, as opposed to printing them out at Office Works. Today everything is digital which is great for Facebook but how many photos do you have on a hard drive somewhere on your computer. Do you even know where they are how to find them? I can get your images print on canvas, aluminium, fine art paper and framed, or even made into an album.

4. Family portraits are an investment.

Let’s be honest, professional services will always cost more than amateur. There is a reason for that. You get what you pay for. When you invest in quality portraiture you are investing in something that will be valuable for a lifetime. It has value the second you create it and it will become more valuable every single year. In an emergency what would you choose to save, your family portrait or your television? So, don’t make the mistake of thinking family portraits aren’t worth spending money on. You won’t make a better investment than one that will serve as a lasting keepsake the entire family can treasure forever, a lot of my families tell me that their family portraits are one of their most treasured possessions. I know my personal family portraits are. Make the time and you will never regret it.

5. Ben Harvey is a Nice Guy

I am an Australian qualified primary school teacher, and have many years experience  working with school age children. I have a working with children card and that means you and your children are in safe, experienced hands. Also, I am a nice guy and a genuinely compassionate person who wants you to be happy.

6. Family portraits sessions are fun!

As a professional photographer, I can understand why some people dread family portraits. Many families only experience with family portraits is at Christmas and weddings where everyone lines up and tries their best to pull off a convincing smile. You will be glad to know that family photography sessions don’t need to work that way. I love capturing families just being themselves. Inside, outside, at your home or any special location, you call the shots. I like to take the time to get to know you before a session to get a clearer idea of what you want out of the photo shoot and ensure that your session goes smoothly. All sessions are relaxed, flexible and not rushed. The best photos normally come at the end of a shoot when everyone lets their guard down a bit and I can capture those candid, natural and personal moments you share with the members of your family.

7. It’s time to get the whole family in the photo.

A lot of family photos are being taken as “selfies” with their smartphones. That’s fine but how many wide-angle photos can you take with the camera above your head. Now, try taking a selfie with 8 or more people in the photo. The other option is to have someone take a photo of the entire group but then that person isn’t in the photo. If you book a professional session with me, Ben Harvey aka Nice Guy and Photographer, you will get a high-quality photos worth printing with the entire family in it.

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