Marketing through Instagram

I have known Fabio for years, one of my best mates stayed with him in Munich and when he moved to Australia, he became part of my extended friend group. Over the years we interacted more often as we shared common hobbies and an outlook on life, both taking turns in living in Margaret River and being jealous of the other when they did.


I knew Fabio had become hooked on kite surfing over the last couple of years and I have more recently become a kiting fanatic. So naturally I ended up shooting a couple of casual pictures of Fabio kiting after a long Sunday session in Shoalwater. It was an amazing sunset and Fabio was throwing everything he could. The photos looked awesome and were loved by Fabio’s social media following.


Following this session Fabio decided to apply for a kite sponsor, although he thought it was unlikely he would get the gig. I knew he would need to progress his social presence to be considered, so I offered to take a couple more photos and videos for him and suggested a few methods to improve his social following. We had a good session at Woodmans Point and took a few videos. Then when the sun was getting low, Fabio worked at getting a few images that we hoped would impress his potential sponsor. After the session we had a beer and discussed how to progress over the next week to give him the best chance of getting the sponsorship deal. In less than a week he grew his Instagram following from 300 to 1500 followers, with more than 400 likes per post.

_BEN1924ZIAN Kiteboarding @ziankiteboarding chose Fabio @fabiscosi to sponsor from the candidates that applied and Fabio is stoked. I loved being able to help Fabio achieve his goals and would love to be able to help you achieve goals you might have thought unachievable.

Call me if you have big dreams and need a media savvy photographer. Peace ✌🏼


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  1. Thanks for all the time you invested shooting fotos and videos of me. Not to mention your very helpful tips and advises. You’re a top bloke and very talented in what you do! I don’t need to tell you to keep up the good work as it is a given. Great work my dear friend. Looking forward to all the future trips/shootings with you. Thanks 🙏🏾Fabio

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