The Hadlow Clinic

Aaron Hadlow Advanced Freestyle Clinic

Aaron Hadlow who has won the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association world tour five times needs little introduction. When WA Surf announced last week that they were going to host an advanced clinic with Hadlow at the pond I knew people would be excited. Only six riders were chosen, a few sponsored riders I knew already as great aspiring sponsored riders like Gianluca Cavaiola a RRD international Rider and Jules Westerhof,  a Peter Lynn Kiteboarding rider. All of the riders there were great kiters but still had a lot to learn from Hadlow.

The day started at 11am a beautiful day with the breeze blowing around 15 knots, so most of the crew were riding their 11 to 13 meter kites and packed a smaller kite for when the wind picked up. The Pond was nearly empty when everyone walked out to the southern end of Tern Island to set up for the day and to keep out of the main launch/landing zone. First up Aaron ran through how the day would work. Demo then one on one coaching. Talking to the group on the beach via a 2 way hat mic and then he would work in blocks one on one with each rider.

So Aaron put on the magic talking hat and hit the water. Casually gave every one on the beach a rundown of the tricks he was going for in his demo. As soon as he threw this first trick you could see it in the faces of the riders on the beach. How does he make it look so easy? Hadlow talked while he threw the most requested trick to learn by the group. He never missed a beat and kept talking through tricks like KGB and Blind Judge It was really amazing to see.

When Aaron came back to the beach everyone was impressed. Then one by one the riders got coaching  from Aaron and video reviews on the beach from Drew Malcom of WA Surf. These riders are all very lucky to have got such an amazing opportunity. Many thanks to Aaron Hadlow for his time and to Drew Malcom for organising and running such amazing events.



Aaron Hadlow advanced freestyle clinic
Aaron Hadlow and the crew
Drew Malcom and Aaron Hadlow
Magic talking hat looks great.


Drew Malcom and Jules Westerhof
Drew Malcom showing Jules Westerhof his last trick video.
Aaron Hadlow and Jules Westerhof
Aaron Hadlow and Jules Westerhof with the magic talking hats.
Jules Westerhof
Jules Westerhof team rider for Peter Lynn Kiteboarding
Gianluca Cavaiola and Aaron Hadlow
Aaron Hadlow watching  his student Gianluca Cavaiola

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