Cabrinha Switchblade 3 – 2008

My old kite review

Woooo! It’s the end of an era for me I have finally destroyed my first kite which is sad. However there are so many great memories. I went from complete beginner to just starting to unhook. I remember learning on a surfboard at Shoalies, getting it stuck in a tree on the Blackwood river in Denmark and surfing Corro’s for the first time. Being my only kite over a 3 season period it has been forced to work in many unfavourable weather conditions. I also have learnt a lot about what the kite would and wouldn’t do for me.

My first thoughts were it is a really powerful kite, little technique was needed to boost just pull in the bar and off I would go. Later on, especially when I was trying to unhook, I noticed that it really liked to back stall. Everything needed to be depowered for it not too stall out when I was unhooked. I hear that newer kites don’t have so much issue with stalling and am looking forward to that. The kite was designed to be  wake style free style focused, so it is not surprising that it wasn’t very responsive. It is like driving a truck without power steering. I started doing downloops but gave up soon after as it was really difficult to get the kite to loop under fast enough. Many attempts ended in the kite inverting (it got inverted fairly easily). I have noticed that a lot of C kites have multiple connection spots for the back lines to adjust the feel of the kite but unfortunately back in 2008 that wasn’t the rage apparently so you just get truck mode with the Cabrinha Switchblade 3. Also the original bar had the safety line connect to the end of the bar which was weird and got in the way. Not sure why it was like that. However it lasted 10 years and a lot of rough treatment. It is a testament to the build quality of Cabrinha, it got no love not even a patch, I crashed it regularly and hard. I would love to try a 2018 switchblade one day to see how they have evolved.

Anyway I look forward to getting to review some kites that have been made this decade. Yeeoow!✌🏼


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