Kitesurfer and Photographer

Kitesurfer and Photographer

As the title suggests Ben Harvey is a kitesurfer, photographer and a nice guy. He is passionate about kiting and stoked to be able to help kitesurfing community grow.

Most people in the kitesurfing community know that having professional high quality images are important. They show themselves, their store or kite brand in the best possible light. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with GoPro or smart phone photos/videos, these are great day to day they keep your audience up to date. However for promotions, events and to develop your brand there is still nothing better than crisp, vibrant photos and videos only a professional photographer can provide.

But photographers are really expensive and hide make up fees you need to pay before they hand over any photos!

Ben is a nice guy, happy to listen and wants you to be able to afford to do regular photo shoots during the kiting season. Ben knows that having repeat customers is important and will make sure all his customers are happy during and after their shoot.

This is what Ben does and you have probably seen his work in magazines, on Facebook/Instagram, on kitesurfing brands websites and promotions.

However what you might not know is how Ben helps his customers get the most out of these images. Ben knows a lot about how to get the most value out of the kitesurfing images and videos he creates. He understands that creating awesome content is just the beginning and getting the as many people in the kitesurfing community to see it is the real goal.

By choosing Ben as your photographer you get awesome content and get the advice you need to help get the right people to see it. So contact Ben today, book a photoshoot before the kiting season ends.

Which Type of Kitesurfer are you?

Brand/Store Owner/Store manager

Wanting to promote your kite brand or store? You need to get some great content for your site and social media pages. Organise a afternoon photoshoot with your team riders or get Ben to come along on your next kite trip. This will help get give you great content to use to promote your products and drive sales.


Wanting to get more out of your sponsor? If you have a low key sponsor but want to get a more next season. You need to show your sponsor that you can work your social media profiles and promote their brand. How much value are your sponsors getting out of you as a team rider? Book a photo session with Ben and get some image that will make your sponsor notice.


Wanting to attract a sponsor? These days sponsors are looking for more than just a great kitesurfer, they are looking for engaged members of the kitesurfing community that can help promote their brand through the influence you have within the community. You need to have a professional “social media” image and a large, engaged audience. If you are just a great kitesurfer but weak in the “social media” side of things. Ben can demystify the social media as well as get the kind of kitesurfing photos you have always wanted. Together you can make yourself an ideal candidate for a sponsor.


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