Making your name your brand

How to create a brand?

Trying to get ahead and make a living in the kitesurfing world can be very difficult. I often talk to people that feel it is impossible and have given up on their dreams. There are three ways you can make a living out of kite surfing. 1 Compete and win – like Aaron Hadlow. 2 Work in the industry – start and kite school/shop OR 3 Make your name your brand – like Jake Kelsick. Today I am going to talk about this third option and how I see it. I hope it is helpful ­čÖâ

So I think the common misconception from outsiders looking in, is that people like Jake Kelsick just got lucky, make lots of money and life is easy. From what I have seen the people that are doing well.  Therefore attracting multiple sponsors and developing a brand are working really hard. They have to take the same focused dedication they have to kitesurfing and be as professional off the water as well. They need to be active members of the kitesurfing community online and off. They need to create regular engaging content for social media.  Communicate regularly with sponsors and seek new potential sponsorship/self promotion opportunities. These kiters are working a normal job to support this. However they have a goal and are happy to work hard towards it. This may all sound a bit vague so let me give you some examples of how my kitesurfing clients do this.

Gianluca Cavaiola I have been lucky enough to work with this season is a consummate  professional. He contacted me in winter well before the kite season had begun and we talked about his plans for the season. Gianluca wanted to get into a magazine, get images to allow a steady stream of content over social media, make a video of his season and do a couple fashion shoots for his clothing sponsor. He had also done his homework, showing me examples of the types of images he had in mind. I could tell he was up for anything to make sure his images stood out from the crowd. In hindsight this early morning cafe meeting I think was really important. We got to share ideas, get an understanding of the goals he wanted to achieve and budget/plan for the upcoming season. I was a little doubtful at the time if we could achieve all this in one season as he was studying, working and on a visa so essentially travelling without the support of family etc..

However Gianluca stuck to his plan we made back in winter, we have got heaps amazing images that have seen his social media grow steadily, he got the magazine article he wanted and is negotiating a follow up, and we are on track with shooting content for his end of season video. Gianluca has made this all happen on a shoestring budget, while continuing to improve his kiting over the year. It is his hard work that is achieving these goals not dumb luck.

Fabio Biscosi and Jake Kapella Cotchin I have also seen start to develop this brand, both had similar stories. They both got really hooked on kitesurfing and wanted to find a way to kite more. They understood that getting a sponsor required giving a sponsor something in return. So both have chosen me to shoot for them. They both have grown their social media profiles significantly and are managing to keep their sponsors happy. This allows tham to ride awesome gear. Fabio had done so well he was announced as a team rider for Zian kites at the end of his first season with them. Anyway unfortunately like most good things in life you have to work hard to get them but their is a clear path that you can follow. I am well equiped to help you achieve these goals, so

if you have big dreams contact me and lets talk.


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