Ladies of the Lake

Symmone Kennedy has been working hard for two years to build and develop her “Ladies of the Lake” all girls park wake boarding program. She has created something great, a space where girls of all ages can support and encourage each other to go bigger, harder or just stand up._BEN9438

Above: Symmone Kennedy – Ladies of the Lake

Sym asked if I would like  to shoot her most recent event, I was stoked but didn’t know anything about it, I was blown away by the energy I felt from the group.

It was an ominous morning with heavy clouds to the north and south but the sun chose to shine though at the park, there only the lightest breath of wind. There was a bit of nervous anticipation in the air as the girls all started to arrive and get ready to ride. Sym thanked everyone and explained how the morning works and then 9am ticked over and the carriers started going. _BEN9099

I started off checking out the first timers on the little pond getting shown the ropes by Josh. It was great to see the girls supporting and encouraging each other wether they were killing it


or had just eaten s🔥☹️t!_BEN9703

All the girls bounced back and got back on the board. I was impressed it isn’t easy learning to get up the first time and you have to take a few wipeouts normally before you figure it out.

Moving on to the main lake the girls where warming up holding back while their muscles warm up. The more experienced were giving advise, encouraging and making friends.


Craig Bond sporting the pink helmet especially for the day, was out on the water doing laps along side his students. While on his board he is coaching technique, tricks and sharing his passion for wake boarding with as many people as he can. You could see in the girls faces how much they appreciated his wise words.


As the morning progressed so did the level of the riding, so I made my way to the kicker to get some action shots the girls launching. The quality of the riders was high and it was good to see the top girls all pushing each other to go bigger.


Finally the session was up and the crowds started to come in so the girls wound down with a delicious and healthy breakfast. Boom! Great work Sym!


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