Landscape Construction Photography

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A good landscape has contrasting hard/soft elements, varying textures, tones and of course serves a purpose. I needed to find and capture these elements

Landscape Elements recently contacted me to gather a series of image for a website update. Landscape Elements business covers a broad range of landscape services from large scale commercial landscape construction to installation of household front gardens. Its a been a great job for me and I have found so many creative ways to capture the different elements of the business. Landscape Elements wanted interesting perspectives that convey their creativity. They also wanted a strong focus on safety and to showcase their friendly staff.

I am fortunate enough to have had experience working in the landscape industry and therefore have a white card. I also have experience in navigating my way around a construction site and know what to expect. It is an exciting industry that creates wonderful spaces that improve the environment we live in. I have really loved being able to capture the people, construction and completed spaces that this leading landscape company creates. In doing this also hopefully help Landscape Elements show their potential customer the passion and skill they bring to their work.

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