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Firstly I am not here to take credit for Andrew Harvey “Harvey’s” good work. He has been producing informative gardening and DIY videos on his own for quite some time now and slowly built a large and growing audience.  I believe the success of his videos is largely due to the authenticity he creates with his audience by wearing his “flanno”, speaking candidly in his own voice and being in his own backyard.


I have always enjoyed hanging out with “Harvey” in his backyard, I rarely catch up with him anywhere else. It is a large suburban backyard with lots of mature established trees making great shaded areas, It’s a short distance from the beach so you get a salty seabreeze in summer. There are vegetables growing on trellises, in odd pots, 44 gallon drums, seedlings germinating in glass jars and a few grassed patches to relax when the sun is out. It is on one of the grassed areas under a peppermint tree that we decided to film a series of videos. The peppermint tree is flowering so there are bees and birds, buzzing and tweeting all around. _BEN2492

As I believe that one of Harvey’s strengths is his “authenticity”, I thought it best to keep the video simple with minimal changes in camera angle. I really like the candidness in which he speaks naturally so I purposely decided on the minimal amount of editing possible for the videos. Most of the videos were done in one take. The image and sound quality was better than Harvey had been able to achieve on his own, and having two cameras made editing different angles together easy and seamless. However the final video was very much an Andrew Harvey EcoCrowd video, you could hear the birds chirping and you quickly learn how to germinate an avocado from seed. This particular video was very well received reaching over 100,000 people via Facebook within 3 days and at last count being viewed around 30,000 times.

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