My Beautiful Backyard

A personal project from a simple idea that got stuck on my head recently. I love the Margaret River region that I live in, with my small family. The whole cape area is so diverse, however each area is spectacular in its own special way. This particular video is set in amongst the tall trees of the Boranup Forrest, south of Margaret River. This area attracts lots of rain and is lush green all year round. The trees only allow little shafts of light through to the valley floor. It’s beautiful place to sit and take a moment to contemplate. In the video I wanted to convey the immersive feeling I get when I’m in the forrest, by showing a bit of extra detail in the transitions and shooting a few of the scenes with my macro lens. As well as contrasting that with some wider and higher shot from the drone looking through the canopy. I hope you get the feeling of escaping from what ever your doing, when you watch it. ✌️

I hope I can do lots more video projects in the future in the Margaret River region.

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