Night Kitesurfing Photos

Keep One Eye Open

This season I was fortunate enough to have a great kite surfer and now good friend Gianluca Cavaiola approach me to shoot for him this season. He has an Italian streetwear sponsor Dolly Noir as well as his kite surfing sponsor RRD international. I started off shooting a street styled fashion shoot with Gianluca at City Beach. It was super early one morning ย as I had it in my mind that street wear fashion shoots seem to lend themselves to a heavy handed flash style, so I made him meet me at the city beach at dawn so there would be a enough light to shoot but I could highlight Gianluca with flash and add some harsh shadows.

The shoot was fun and we got some good shots, so I think because of the heavy flash work during that shoot Gianluca suggested the idea that he would like to do a night/twilight shoot, which I thought was cool but may be really difficult and I remember telling him not to get too attached to the idea.

Anyhow a couple of weeks or so passed Gianluca and I tee’d up a time to do an afternoon shoot at Woodies. So in these couple of weeks the seed that Gianluca had planted about a night photo shoot grew and grew. I had my wife jumping around the backyard trying to get my head around all the challenges of shooting fast moving objects in the dark. ย His 2018 gear had arrived and he had also sorted out a magazine section that needed fresh images. So the afternoon came we shot a ton of photos and the sunset. I wasn’t certain how good the images would turn out but I knew I could get clear images well after sunset so I set up the camera and external flash and he kept on throwing tricks in the twilight.ย I was blown away by how good the shots were looking straight out of the camera, but there were a few challenges like only being able to get one shot off from each pass but together we got some amazing shots. It really makes the rider and photographer have to communicate clearly as each pass has got timed perfectly to get a useable shot. We got some great images and we were both stoked.

About a month later we did another shoot and set ourself some new goals to get closer and nail a few shots we thought would look awesome. So now I’M HOOKED the images got a great response through social media and I would love to book some more arvo/twilight shoots. If your interested you know now roughly what your getting yourself into, lots of hard work in the dark but a few epic images. If your not a kitesurfer that needs night kitesurfing photos I hope you enjoy the images. โœŒ๐Ÿผ

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