Like most people, I try to make the most out of every day by focusing on what is around moment to moment. This might be as cliqued as stopping to smell the roses or admiring a sunset. The more of these moments I truly appreciate per day, the better the day in my mind. One of the things that attracted me to photography was trying to capture some of these moments. In a normal day for me, I try to notice when people do kind things to each other, the inherent beauty of the things around me and I try increase the happiness to others I encounter. However, as life at times becomes a bit repetitive, it feels like more of these moments pass without me noticing. It also leads me to take less of these types of photos. Travel maybe the remedy to this, it energises and recharges a battery inside me. It inspires me to take photos just to share, with the hope they bring some positive energy.

I have just spent the last week in Sydney, which although having passed through here several times before, I have never taken anytime to explore. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend who lives in Bronte, share their home for the week. It is a beautiful part of Sydney and I loved the beaches. They are very photogenic fringed by high cliffs and adorned with rock pools. They attract old leathery skinned local swimmers, bronzed surfers, latte sippers and tons of tourists from all around the world. Anytime of day there is so much going on, too much to take it all in. Like a moth to lightbulb, the photographer in me was drawn to the rock pools, the swell exploding on the rocks and flooding in then draining out again over the concrete. It is too beautiful to not try capture as best I can. I only had the one free morning to get up before dawn and I spent it down at Bronte beach. It was worth the effort and I shot the pool and the surf as the sun rose over the sea.

The Vivid Sydney light festival was also on while I was in town and something I wasn’t going to miss the chance to shoot. Sydney harbour is an amazing landscape to shoot on any given day but when painted with a million lights, becomes surreal. Not being a local I had no plans or images in mind. Luckily another good friend of mine knowing I would be excited organised for me to get access to the thirty fourth floor of EY building. This was such a surprise to me and straight away I had such impressive view of Circular Quay. Shooting through double-glazed windows in well light offices was tricky but manageable with a couple of the crews jackets and an extra pair of hands. As I felt the groups interest fading, I reluctantly peeled myself off the window and we made our way back down to street level and took a quick drink break in one of Sydney’s waterside bars. I chatted with my friend and now guide. He said he knew a great spot to shoot the opera house from. The idea was to get nice and close to the projectors, so the light would create strong leading lines, guiding the eye to the opera house.  To top it off there were well-lit ferries passing by in the foreground. Therefore, when using lazy 10 to 30 second shutter speeds, the ferries painted colourful light trails in their wake.

I am now on my way to New York city and will be in the states for the next three months. I look forward with great energy to the upcoming adventures and the images they inspire. Lastly many thanks to all the people that supported me and helped make my time in Sydney so memorable.




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