Grab a Spoon

Recently I got to shoot Nadia of Grab a Spoon cakery making an incredible cake for a lucky little girls first Birthday. Nadia has years of experience working in some of the areas best restaurants like Voyager and Hay Shed Hill. She has ventured off on her own and now makes incredible cakes at her home in Cowaramup. The time and effort she puts into each cake is amazing. This cake was a double layer (top layer vegan friendly), the lettering, figurines and decoration are handcrafted edible pieces. They are way to cool to eat though in my mind.

This was an hour and a half shoot with the main aim was to get a solid profile picture for her website update, but we thought we should shoot a bit of Nadia putting the final touches on this masterpiece for social media and extra website content just in case. It’s awesome to watch the ease in which she works in the kitchen and I love the images.

Blinged up Bullets

Local Margaret River jeweller Giovanni Longoni creates beautiful pieces out of spent ammunition. As Giovanni is targeting a niche market of sport shooters in Australia, he doesn’t have a shop front choosing to sell directly online. However standing out online can be difficult and getting customers to connect with your product can be a challenge. Giovanni’s business has been growing steadily and was keen to create a video that would give his customers an insight into his work. We wanted to show that the pieces are handcrafted and not mass produced. I was eager to get involved, I love producing short videos and watching artisans work. I hope you enjoy. Thanks Giovanni for your trust and support.

Front Yards – gaining momentum

Hi everyone,

It has been a fun couple of weeks for me, I feel like I have found some purpose in a period where people are largely going stir crazy in their homes. I think I am helping to temporarily elevate some of the boredom with the front yard photography while creating an intimate, personal and historically relevant portfolio of work.

People feel comfortable in their front yards and the images I’m creating have a easy feeling about them, while also giving you a glimpse into the lives of some household that make up the greater Margaret River community. We are an interesting bunch in Margaret River and the images show the diversity of character within town. I love that the houses I have been able to shoot, are proudly being themselves, there is little pretence. I’m hoping that as more people see the images coming from this project, it will gain momentum.

I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback and I want to get as many households shot and documented while we are essentially locked down. I’m not concerned about making money, if you are genuinely interested contact me, you can pay as little as $10 for the images or even trade veggies in the garden for them. I want this to be available to everyone, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to get to meet as many households in the greater Margaret River region as I can. ✌🏼

Baby Photography

Baby held up

Life is an amazing journey and as things change in my life so does my photography. Recently I have become a dad and my daughter has become my muse. I always knew I would take a lot of photos of her but I am surprised how much I enjoy these shoots. I now understand why parents take so many images in the early years, the rate at which they grow and change is crazy. As a parent you want to capture as many of these moments as possible.

I would love to work with any families interested in a professional photoshoot in or around Margaret River. The photoshoots are relaxed, just play and have fun with your baby. Below are some of my recent work, if you like them send me a message.

Event Photography

Robert Oatley Rose garden

This spring the Robert Oatley cellar door in Wilyabrup, held a special food matched private tasting in their famous jasmine arbour. It was a beautiful day and the roses and Jasmine arbour were in full bloom. The adjacent Chardonnay vines were also showing their delicate flowers and the new shoots were underway with lime green foliage. It isn’t a regular event to run seated tasting with paired food and I was approached to provide photography for the event.

The Robert Oatley rose garden is a spectacular sight in full bloom and the smells are amazing. The private wine tasting of the top level finisterre wines matched with bite size morsels provided by Supper Road looked impressive. Needless to say the event ran smoothly and the guests were happy.

The client Robert Oatley wanted to document the event for online content and better market similar events in the future. As I am a local photographer based in Margaret River, it made sense to call me in for a short shoot (as the event only lasted an hour). The images below are from the event and have been used across many of the Robert Oatley social media platforms.


rose arbour wine tastingRobert Oatley Rose garden

Guests arriving at Robert Oatley Wilyabrup cellar door_BEN3908-104

red wine Robert Oatley Wilyabrup

Robert Oatley Tasting NotesSurrounded by jasmine at Robert Oatley cellar door

Making a distinction

The wine industry in Margaret River is competitive and getting your products to look great is important. Making a clear distinction between the wines in your list is also important. Happs had mentioned that they would like bottle shots that made a visual distinction between the sub groups in their large range of wines. They were happy to take their time with this as it is crucial the aesthetic suits the wines. The brief for the indigenous series wines was to celebrate the art work of the indigenous artist chosen for the labels. The bottles were shot in a “Low Key” style the art work has been creatively extended after the shoot. The finished images clearly show the winery and grape variety, while increasing the art works visual dominance. I am looking forward to tackling the rest of the diverse range of wines Happs produce.

If you like my style of product photography please contact me.