Wine Flavour Profiles

Recently I was asked by Lenton Brae to capture a series of images that represent the  flavour profile of the wines. They wanted to take a step forward and shoot in a more contemporary style, together we decided to shoot the series “lay flat”. I shot them on a transparent white background to make the final images more flexible to use in EDM’s and promotional material. The backlight also makes the semi transparent fruit glow and adds a lot of colour.

This shoot took a day, a couple hours of sourcing the produce around Margaret River and about an hour per image shoot and edit. The final images are really engaging and clean. They can be used across all the social media platforms and easily be adapted to use in EDM’s and promotional material which is on point with Lenton Brae’s request. These images are great resources that Lenton Brae will get a lot of use out of in years to come.

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The following day as I had all the produce still on hand, so I did a quick shoot in a more traditional style which only took a couple of hours shoot and edit. Therefore Lenton Brae will get each bottle shot in two different styles for less than $150 per bottle which is a bargain. Anyway if you like would like your products shot in either of these styles give me a call.

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