Wine Paired Cookbook

I have been busy shooting lots for local wineries but haven’t been tasked a good food job in a while. Happs must of sensed this. They approached me to help them on a collaborative project with their neighbours at Goanna Cafe and Catering. The idea was to create a small wine matched cookbook together for Happs cellar door customers. Chef Thales of Goanna Cafe created the dishes to match a selection of Happs wines and lovingly prepared them for the shoot. They looked as good as they tasted, which made my job much easier. ✌️

Cookbooks generally have different styling for the different recipes, that reflect the mood of the dish. It is a great opportunity to get creative. For this shoot I created six one of a kind backdrops, four were painted using a variety of techniques to get a textured feel to them and the other two made from distressed wood. These backdrops combined with interesting op shop cutlery, I have picked up over the years for food photography, give each dish it’s own personality. It was really fun to be able to shoot each dish in it’s own way, normally a menu is shot with a consistent style. I was really grateful to be given creative control over this shoot, it was a challenging but really rewarding process.

Anyway thanks to everyone that helped this project come to fruition, especially Stacey for conceiving such cool concept and managing the project amazingly. 🙏

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