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So the world is running by new rules and the way we do business is effected. However it’s not all bad and I would like to focus on that. As a business the goals for 2020 have to be revised, this virus has impacted all aspects of life (not just my photography). I don’t think if somebody had told us last year that we would all be choosing to self isolate indefinitely, that any of us would have believed them.

I am currently isolating with my wife and daughter, we are trying our best to follow the rules. It is hard but am happy to do it for the greater good of the community I live in. Anyhow being stuck at home has given me the time to reflect on my business and time to experiment in the studio. I think creativity needs space to thrive and I can see it in my work. My studio space is organised and looking better than it has ever been. This helps with workflow, it also changes the feel and therefore the images produced. I am happier than ever to be shooting and trying new ideas as they appear. Here is a bunch from this first week socially isolating, I have so many ideas that I still want to experiment with. I am excited to get into new studio product photography projects and am looking for some more local wineries to send me some wine to shoot. I know wineries are struggling a bit at the moment, so am happy to rewind my prices to accomodate this. Hope to hear from some local producers, would love to be able to get you some fresh images to help prompt online sales. 🍾


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